King Richard Iii And Looking For Richard Essays

Every text is a confluence of other texts, containing parallels and fragments that give meaning and timelessness through prevalent themes that transcend generations. An exploration of explicit and implicit connections between a pair of texts enhances an individual’s understanding of the ideas, values and attitudes pronounced. This alters the way an audience may interpret the original text and validates common themes of power, duplicity and morality in a contemporary light. This relationship is evident in a critical analysis of Shakespeare’s 1591 historical play King Richard III and Al Pacino’s 1996 docudrama Looking for Richard. The context of each text is reflective of the respective time periods in which they were made and elucidate the cultural issues and philosophical paradigms of humanity as a whole.

Religious paradigms that underpin society shape texts. The purpose of the manifestation of metaphysical evil elucidated through deformity of the body is easily understood by an Elizabethan audience, due to the supernatural and religious context of the time. This personification of evil was employed by Shakespeare to construe Richard III as not merely a conniving villain, but the embodiment of a Machiavellian character,...

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Essay about Richard Iii + Looking for Richard Comparative Speech

834 WordsMar 10th, 20114 Pages

Good morning/afternoon

Throughout my comparative study of texts and context, I have explored various connections shared between William Shakespeare’s ‘Richard the 3rd’ and Al Pacino’s ‘Looking for Richard’. As both of these items are based on the same character, King Richard the 3rd, they share a lot in common. The connection that I have chosen to concentrate on though is the idea of power, and how both texts explore this theme.
William Shakespeare is an extremely famous English poet and playwright and widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. He was most prominent in the years 1585-1592 writing 38 plays. Richard 3rd is considered to be one of his greatest plays and was written in 1591 depicting the…show more content…

Richard then gloats over his success in a soliloquy stating how he has won her heart even though he is regarded by her as the devil with dissembling looks and he stabbed Edward her love just 3 months earlier. This highlights how he thinks of himself as the best as he brags about his misdeeds as though he is immortal.

Al Pacinos Looking for Richard is a failed movie attempt of Richard 3rd turned documentary produced, directed and acted in by the man himself.
This same theme of power is evident throughout Al Pacino ‘Looking for Richard’ as he wants to establish himself as the definitive American Shakespeare actor and achieve greatness. I say this because all throughout history American actors have been too afraid to act Shakespeare as it has traditionally been English done, but Pacino strives to prove this wrong.
All throughout ‘looking for Richard’ a documentary directed by and starring Al Pacino he is made to seem on another level to anybody else. This is highlighted by Fredrick Kimball, who is also directing the movie says with great passion ‘You know more about Richard the 3rd than any other fucking scholar at Columbia or Harvard’
By Kimball saying this pacino is instantly placed on a higher level than

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