Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Movies Essay

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Essay - Films : Advantages and Disadvantages

Films : Advantages and Disadvantages

A film is automatically associated with fun, entertainment and relaxation. The next 2 and a half hours are to be enjoyed thoroughly. Work pressures, daily routines, chores at home and all other commitments are kept aside for this time.

We used to watch films only in a cinema but these days films are shown on television within three months of its release on the big screen. With the introduction of multiplexes, where one can see more than one film, do some shopping and also enjoy a sumptuous meal, all under one roof of a mall. Films have a great influence on the general public and this allows cinemas to flourish as commercial ventures. Films are popular since it appeals to the viewer’s sight and auditory senses.

Movies play a big role in the development and direction of the society. Films that show virtuous characters tend to inspire people to do good. In the same way, villainous characters bring out the evil in people and make people indulge in criminal activities. Films provide entertainment to both the rich and the poor and we should choose what we watch. Besides providing entertainment, films educate and inform the viewers of various social aspects and how we should live our lives, what we should tolerate and how we should go about objecting and the wrong meted out to us. Educational films show us geography, history and science and bring out a lot of details students may not be able to experience only through reading.

Films which provide information, education and values are known as family entertainers and many of them can be viewed again when they are telecast on television. Though the cinema experience may not be available on television, it’s perfect for the second or third viewing.

Many recent films are made solely with the aim of gaining excessive profits and many of these films don’t appeal to audiences as many of them have cheap, silly and negative perspectives and contain no information value. Some are vulgar, crime filled and violent and have a very limited viewership and therefore don’t have a limited run at the cinemas but being made on a limited budget are commercially profitable compared to the investment.

Films play a big role in influencing the youth of our society and should avoid displaying obnoxious styles and habit forming vices on the big screen as the youth ape these actions and commit thefts, crimes, get into violent fights imagining themselves to be heroes and think their actions will attract public acclaim.

Films have an advantage only if they entertain, inform, educate and are commercially profitable to the makers and the actors portray positive images and the viewers get entertained and value for their money.
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Watching Movies Effects – Advantages and Drawbacks of Watching Movies

Disadvantages of Watching Movies : Movies are the ultimate product of the entertainment industry and it is undeniably in demand from the very start. And because of popularity only film industries have expanded and developed over time and reached to the position at present. It involves a lot of money for the film makers and if the film becomes a superhit, they get profits up to unbelievable extents, the records which breaks every year with different movies.

Watching Movies

Since it is lot in demand it means people are very keen on watching movies. And watching movies does have many impacts on both adults and children. Let’s talk about the positive aspects of movies.

All kinds of movies have got its target audiences and therefore we can say that all kinds of movies are produced because they sell. Movies made on topics such as somebody’s biography, a particular historical event especially freedom struggle, movies based on some great novel, are educative. What is written on a big volume of book can be summarized and made into a movie. And therefore, although we may not get that taste of literature, but we will know about the storyline very well. Movies such as border, the legend of Bhagat Singh, etc. were very touching and it definitely made us feel the sacrifices made by the armies for us. Comedy movies are great to watch every time, provided it is not totally nonsense with stupid jokes. It has also got it’s types. Stories which point out a life lesson in a funny ways are good to watch. Comedy movies should be selected properly when watching with small children because nowadays many adult comedies are also made. And this applies to other genres of movies as well. Family movies are also very heart warming and when we watch we can relate to it. Actually relating causes both good and bad effects. If we are watching a negative story, relating to it, usually done by children, may misguide them. They may watch a action thriller and try to imitate a stunt or the actor’s behavioral pattern shown in the movie. In those kinds of movies, violence, alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. are displayed as a very cool activity because that makes the people in the movie look glamorous. But if a child initiates that, it may not be a very good signal. Seeing those scenes causes some implications on a child’s mind which make him think that violence is normal. Even in real life he may be less sensitive or he won’t realize if something bad is happening nearby.

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When talking about romantic movies, parents must be careful because children may not understand love but he may fall trap into the idea of being in love. That is very common in school students. Fantasizing the idea of being in love creates problems in school and because of this only many schools have cctv cameras all around. Watching horror stories must be avoided by children. Because the horror movie genre is a negative genre. Not at all for children. The scenes are overwhelming and it fills us with a kind of anxiety. Something negative creeps in. A child maybe told a hundred times that such things don’t exist. But still an unknown phobia creeps in them. They might get nightmares, get afraid in darkness and overall get the feeling of increased hostility. It actually applies to those adults also who are not very gutsy.

Thus we can say that movies create a great impact on us knowingly or unknowingly. While good movies can draw our attention towards an important issue which might be unknown to us or it may have educative, moral or feel good values, at the same time the negative aspects should be kept in dark.

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