Essay Catastrophe

I think that Williams' essay can connect to the drama in that it highlights the hollowness that exists in external reality.  For Williams, success breeds with it a condition of entrapment in which one seemingly believes the external reality, as opposed to concentrating on "the real" element that underscores all of reality.  Williams' ending to the essay, almost Thoreauian or Emersonian in how it demands that individuals reject comfort or elements that conceals struggle, is what he uses to explain that there is a sense of "the real" that needs to be harnessed and understood by all people and specifically, the artist.  In the drama, Williams constructs characters who are in search of this element of "the real."  Jim O'Connor lacks this full understanding of "the real," constantly wavering between what he thinks he wants and what it is he wants.  He turns out to be a character that has to strip away his own constructs to find his own essence, as Williams suggests in his essay.  Amanda lives in this condition, as she is immersed in her past beauty, her past construction of power.  She lacks what Williams suggests is needed in understanding of what reality truly consists.  In this, she becomes disenchanted and fundamentally miserable, though she will never admit it.  Her family falls apart because of it.  Tom's thoughts of leaving and finding happiness is undercut by the notion that wherever he goes, unhappiness will follow.  Tom has capitulated and fallen victim to the idea that contentment and personal happiness can result through external change and nothing from within.  It is for this reason that Williams suggests that the artist must be in tune with a world that does not represent the trappings of success, of external reality, and rather recognize that which is real and constant, something that Tom never does. It might be that within all of these characters, Laura might be the best off in that she recognizes reality in the most authentic of manners at the play's conclusion. In the end, the condition that Williams brings out in his essay is the reality of many of the characters in the drama.

It seems cats have become quite popular in terms of modern day pets. They’re fairly independent critters who’ll happily lounge about on their own and they generally don’t need to be walked the way you would a dog. However, if you look after one you’ll also generally know that for all the fuzzy companionship cats are frankly cute, domineering assholes. When the mood strikes them they will rain down unholy horror upon your geek world.

Cosplay Catastrophe

Oh? You’ve left some important cosplay pieces to the last minute? You’ve a glue gun on the table? There happens to be glitter?  Hah, and you only need to leave the room long enough to flip the switch on the kettle?

Yeah, so, good luck with that my friend.

Writing: It’s all fluff anyway!

If you’ve a cat and laptop you’ll know that depending on their moods the laptop will either be your feline friends greatest love or their mortal enemy.

You will no doubt in your lifetime need to have some part of your laptop repaired or replaced thanks to their not so gentle attentions.

But you can’t help loving them. The little shits.

And they know it.

Lock up your children by the way. Cats and kids may prove to be the most destructive force known to man if they were ever to unite. The cat knocks your newly made worbla breast plate off the counter and your toddler picks it up and tries to flush it.

Fear them!

Organising Your Collection

Bookshelves and cats are the equivalent of dynamite and matches. Cats like to climb and it’s basically a giant cat gym complete with self-contained, tree infused scratching material. Or books as we like to call them. Try displaying your comic book collection around these forces of destruction.


Then they look at you with those eyes and you realize no comic, no cosplay, no story means more than their stupid little small animal murdering faces.

Oh, my icy heart.

It seems like we’re all just slaves to the cute.

Awwwww, look he’s eating off chopsticks.

As a species I think we’re all pretty much doomed.

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