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From the establishment of the colonies, starting with the founding of Jamestown, until the beginning of the Revolutionary War, different regions of the eastern coast were marked by distinct attributes. Once established, the thirteen British colonies could be divided into three geographic areas: New England, Middle, and Southern. Each of these had specific developments that were unique to the regions. Though there were many similarities in the development of the New England, Middle and Southern Colonies, they were very different: politically, socially, and economically.

The three colonies all had comparable similarities, as they were all democratic. But they ran their democratic government in different ways. For instance, the Middle Colonies had their government and church separated. The New England Colonies, however, were a Theocracy, which meant that the church controlled the government. The Southern Colonies had the least autonomy since they were an Oligarchy. This meant that the wealthy plantation owners controlled the government because they were the only people who could manage to pay for all their own expenses. Even though the three colonies were all self-ruled, they all had distinguishing features.

Although a majority of the colonists were from England, socially the three groups of colonies developed differently. The New England Colonies supported each other to create a one-class system: middle class. The Middle Colonies had a two-class system which consisted of upper class landowners and middle class professionals living in large cities. The Southern Colonies had a strict three class system: upper class wealthy plantation owners, middle class small plantation owners, lower class poor whites and a population of Negroes which were not considered a class at all.

Each of the three segments of the British American Colonies had their own social order. The American colonies vastly differed due to the geography of the three regions. The economy in New England centered around trade because farming was tricky with rocky soil. The farms were small, mainly to provide food for individual families. Therefore, New England thrived instead with fishing, shipbuilding, and trading goods with Europe. In the middle colonies, the economy was supported by both trade and farming. Wheat and other grains grew on farms in Pennsylvania and New York.

Iron, paper, and textiles were produced in factories in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The Southern Colonies were almost entirely agricultural. Its staple crops consisted of rice, tobacco, and indigo. These crops were grown on large plantations owned by wealthy white males and worked by African slaves. The New England, Middle and Southern Colonies had many common characteristics but these three regions were very different politically, socially, and economically. Politically, all the colonies had some degree of self-government, but they went about it in different ways.

Socially, most of the colonists were from England, but the class systems were very different in all three colonies. Economically, the colonies were different due to the geographic and social opportunities of the three regions. British American Colonies had a few similarities, but were, for the most part, vastly different.

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Northern vs. Southern American Colonies 1700s Essay

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By the 1700’s, The northern and souther colonies had evolved into two distinct societies. This is so because the northern and southern colonies had different environments and also different reasons of settlement. The North was established for mainly religious freedom, while on the other hand, the south had been established for economic freedom. The climate also affected the different turnout of the north and the south. The north was much colder and so their soil was not beneficial for farming, so the people of the north found other jobs, while on the other side, the south had rich soil and the colonists there used that idea to set up huge plantations and farms.
The northern colonies symbolized the industrial power where industries were…show more content…

The northern colonies were very much different from the southern because they were colonized for different reasons. The north was colonized for freedom of worship and freedom of political thought. The colonies had hope for a separate society, where they could show their homeland, how a country should be run. The northern colonies were based on theocracy, where the state forced the people to live and worship in an orthodox way.
The southern colonies have characteristics that are the opposites of the New England colony’s attributes. The Southern Colonies were the Province of North Carolina, Province of South Carolina, Virginia and Province of Georgia. The Southern colonies were developed for freedom of economic opportunity.Their economy was supported by plantations, mostly run by slaves. The South would focus more on massive slaves work to grow tobacco and rice that they would sell to England. The southern colonies had goals for mercantilism, and increasing the prosperity of England. They also had a government based on a royal government, where the state was governed by a governor and council named by the king, and an elected assembly chosen by the people. South colonies had smaller towns, more fields.
To sum it all up, the northern and southern colonies were as different as day and night. They were colonized for different reason. Also they had a very diverse climate. Their pattern of trade was

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