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Feature Article On "Billy Elliot" Directed By Stephen Daldry

Decisions, decisions...

From Coal Dust Into a Lake of Swans

A year 12 student, examines various worlds of Billy Elliot.

All in all, we all have to make decisions. They are either straightforward or challenging. One of my hardest decisions was coming to Australia. As a child I remember my grandmother telling me stories. Even though I was little, I listened to them and understood them. They took me to a completely different world. It was always my childhood escape. I still remember all the stories, which still inspire me to make those choices I made meaningful.

Every society has different views on whether or not children are allowed to make decisions by themselves. Billy Elliot is drifting between a variety of worlds. He lived in a world where his future was decided for him. Like his father and an older brother, he was growing up to become a coalminer, just as everyone in his hometown, Everington. This world is a bit mature for an 11 year old boy, but it expresses Billy responsibility. This world initiates the audience to empathise with protagonist, and I, as an audience, keep living through the struggles of his dancing world.

Stephen Daldry has created an excellent film representing our elective "Into The World". The director clearly highlights different paths, decisions and choices that are available in the changing worlds. One of the most challenging decisions that Billy had to make - is to choose between ballet and his 'chosen path'. Billy chooses ballet. He sees the work that the coal miners do and he understands that its hard. In the opening scene there is a close up of trembling hands as the carefully place a record on an old-fashioned turntable. This establishing shot offers a recruiting motif of dance and music. The camera pulls back and reveals glimpses of a young Billy bouncing in the air. The "Cosmic Dancer" song by T Rex foreshadows what is to unfold - it's a story about a passion for dancing. The song helps the responder follow Billy entering the different worlds. The Clash song "A Town Like Malice" is ironic and represents a major argument between Mrs Wilkinson and Tony. It's only through this study that I reflect on the songs from my personal life and the soundtracks from my childhood. Does anyone still remember Britney Spears songs?

As audience we all empathise with Billy's aggravating 'quest'. Lighting is used in this film as a symbol. Many interior shots are mostly dark and convey negativity and unhappiness in Billy's...

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Recently I watched a film entitled Billy Elliot. I personally thought that the film was great in several ways, scripts, film techniques .etc. Every aspects of the film were thought out with detail. The film was set in 1984 when the miners’ strike took place. The unique setting adds to why I like this film so much.

Billy Elliot was directed by Stephen Daldry, and 1st published in the year 2000. Today this film still remains popular as a family movie. The story was told from the main character point of view, that is Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell). Billy was an eleven year old boy who has a dream to become a ballet dancer, after inheriting his mother’s love for dance and music. Unfortunately, Billy’s dream was opposed by his father, Jackie (Gary Lewis) and his brother (Jamie Draven). Every member of Billy’s family were coal miners and expected Billy to follow the same footsteps. However, this does not shatter Billy’s dream. Billy, supported by his friend, Michael (Stuart Wells), chooses to attend ballet classes outside his family’s knowledge.

The film’s setting was in 1984 when a yearlong strike took place in Britain. Billy’s parents happen to be the coal miners involved in the strike. Throughout the film, the family’s struggle through the strike was filmed with much detail. Meanwhile Billy Elliot hopes to be a dancer. Billy’s father has already had enough struggles with the strike, and is enraged when he finds out the Billy has been attending classes without him knowing, and forbids ballet. Billy still remains firm and continued to pursue his dreams. Would Billy achieve his dream? Watch the film and find out.

The main theme of Billy Elliot is mainly family issues and stereotyping. The film was set in the 1980s when stereotyping was done often. This affects Billy who wants to become a ballet dancer. Unfortunately, it was not only the public who stereotyped but Billy’s family too! After neither Billy nor his family are giving in to either accept Billy’s wish or to give up, family issues occur. The harsh struggle during the strike means even more family issues.

If you pay attention various film techniques were used such as: music, the lightings or the camera’s angle. An example would be the image of the sky representing that the world is opening up as Billy is leaving for London. Sad moments include when everybody else is indoors celebrating Christmas as on the contrary, Billy’s father has to destroy the piano for wood to burn.

The movie Billy Elliot is directed towards any age group, however it is not recommended for children under thirteen due to inappropriate aspects such as swearing or violence. Overall I give the film was great and I give it four out of five stars.

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