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creator as thinking negatively of smokers as people, not just the smoking aspect of theirlives. At least, to smokers this seems to be the case. Non-smokers who oppose cigarette usewill connect most strongly with this image because they and Ashcraft are of similarmindsets about this particular issue. They, perhaps, will find her work more believablethan smokers because they agree more fervently with the message.

Because Ashcraft isn’t 

well known, it is difficult to completely know how credible she is, but what helps is that herwork is original and creative. Her attitude towards smoking parallels modern-day

America’s view towards


it is incredibly harmful to a person’s health

, can result indeath, and it also conveys a subtle negative view that looks down upon people who smokecigarettes. Because

Ashcraft and the U.S. look down on smokers because it’s considered“bad”

nowadays, she loses some credibility because the image does seem very negative andone-sided, and seems like it 

’s scolding smokers rather than trying to help them

. The words

on the side don’t 

contribute to

the image that much, and therefore don’t 

significantly help

Ashcraft. The words might have been more effective had she moved the “Yours” down and

below the preceding line. However, without any words, the image would not be as moving.The last rhetorical appeal, pathos, also comes into play in the advertisement. Theblack and white of the image creates a definitive yes or no situation by implying that thedecision to smoke or not is a life or death decision. The young man is staring straight intothe camera with a neutral expression on his face, which makes the image and thought of death more personal to the viewer. The smoke that is forming the gun appeals to the

emotions in several ways. It immediately grabs the audience’s attention, since guns are not 

only dangerous, but a controversial topic in American culture. The smoke gun is also

suggestive of suicide. It’s saying that if 

someone smokes, they might as well be pointing a

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