Fahrenheit 451 Persuasive Essay Prompts 6th

 Notes and other Media


  • Essay: Compare and Contrast
    • Prompt: Compare/Contrast one of the issues raised in Fahrenheit 451 to something happening in real life today.  (Draft of Thesis DUE 3/5 in class)
    • Strategies for Writing Comparison/Contrast Essays
      • Wed. 3/5:  Thesis check; work on planning. Venn Diagram or other plan (outline, free write, list, etc.) due tomorrow.
      • Thurs. 3/6:  Outline/Plan check; Work on drafts.  Drafts are due tomorrow in class, and must be PRINTED OUT.  If you cannot print, you may e-mail your essay to Ms. C and she will print for you.
        • Be sure to use MLA format!  See the Research Guidebook and/or Purdue OWL (see links above to the right).
          • Page numbers
          • Header
          • Margins
          • Title
          • Font
          • Citations (as needed)
        • Organize body paragraphs using TIQA or MEAL, but with the variations suggested in the Strategies handout above (You may use more than one piece of evidence and analysis for each main idea, for example).
  • “The Pedestrian” Question Handout
  • “Dover Beach”–Annotate the poem
  • Close Reading Assignment





Past Materials– from 2011-13:

  • “A Sound of Thunder” full text of the short story
  • Fahrenheit 451 Persuasive Essay Assignment
      • Prezi on Persuasion (Notes)
      • Tuesday 2/26 in the Black Lab:  Review the topics from page 2 of the assignment sheet, select a topic, and write a rough draft of your THESIS statement.
      • Then use the notes on persuasion (Toulmin’s Model and the three Modes of Argumentation) to create an OUTLINE using this template (typed or handwritten).  This should be based on the template presented in the assignment handout, in which you have four body paragraphs (3 claims and one counterclaim) that support your thesis. Please note that each paragraph should have a claim, evidence, and warrant, and the outline should show how you will use ethos, pathos, and logos.  All six elements are required, but only Toulmin’s model must be present in ALL body paragraphs.
        • Use your text book (F-451) and the internet to find your pieces of evidence.  Remember to cite your sources!  Record all page numbers, URLs, author names, etc.
      • THESIS and OUTLINE are due tomorrow for review.

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