Hrm 498 Week 3 Individual Assignment

At Nordstrom, we value the richness that diversity brings to our workforce - it makes our Company better and the communities we serve stronger. " Core Competencies “The company’s success is rooted in its strategy of providing superlative customer service. Associates are encouraged to act as entrepreneurs and build strong personal relationships with customers or clients.” The core competencies that set them apart are their sale employees. Nordstrom values employees as their most valuable asset/capital. The corporations core competencies founded on John Nordstrom’s business philosophy. This philosophy is the same today exceptional service, selection, quality and value. Reason for This Choice Team C chose Nordstrom because of the corporation’s strong financial growth and capability to adapt to the constant changes in the economic market. The corporations continues to gain competitive advantage over their competitors, such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and other major retail department stores. 3

NORSTROM, INC. STRATEGIC HRM PLAN FINAL REPORT 2 NORDSTROM, INC. Strategic HRM Plan Final Report Executive Summary Nordstrom’s, Inc. strategic human resources plan provides existing and projected HR issues and policies for five years. Nordstrom human resource team C will provide strategic initiatives, such as mission, vision, and values, distinct core competencies, internal and external trends, economic factors, environmental analysis, Gap Analysis, and evaluations, and assessments HR directive. In addition cultural and emerging issues will be addressed as well as how they affect the company and the strategic plans. Finally a recommendation for a five year action plan and the division’s capabilities are included. The integration of HR and strategic management is important for attaining and achieving organizational goals and objectives. There are five major objectives of HR planning, as outlined below According to (Mello, 2006) “• Prevent overstaffing and understaffing • Ensure the organization has the right employees with the right skills in the right places at the right times • Ensure the organization is responsive to changes in its environment • Provide direction and coherence to all HR activities and systems • Unite the perspectives of line and staff managers.” Nordstrom’s employment system promotes a strong degree of personal incentives and motivation, as well as customer connection from their sales associates. The internal competition, commissions, award incentives, and motivation programs contributes to determination, although

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