Teacher Comparison Essay

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Teachers have a lot of responsibility because they are passing knowledge to the students while educating, counseling and coaching. There were two teachers while I was studying my major in marketing which I am going to compare their teaching styles, the two were professionals in the marketing field their names were Mr. Leon, a famous magazine marketing director teacher of direct marketing, and Mr. Solis owner of a marketing consulting company who teach international marketing. They had a very different style of teaching and I learned a lot of both, but one of them helped me more to develop my creativity.
Mr. Solis is a teacher who teaches in several universities he likes to follow the program and is very organized, he has all his classes prepared in Power Point slides and gives the same example to all of his class members and he never pushed his students to give other examples, on the other hand Mr. Leon is the teacher that has also prepared his class but he enforces students to give the examples to make sure they understand what he was talking about. Mr. Leon technique helped me more because it was easier to comprehend the subject and learn it, in addition it make the class more dynamic.
It is very important to maintain the student’s attention. Mr. Leon liked to use different materials like Power Point, videos, movies, television commercials and books using unusual learning tools created a very motivated learning environment and helped me to think out of the box. In contrast to Mr. Leon, Mr. Solis likes using the program book and read it in the class, this technique make the class a little boring some times and was hard to follow.
Teaching with passion was something that all the students recognized the first day we met Mr. Leon, he came into the class talking very laud and very energized, he kept in touch with all the students via email sending new examples and thing related with the class doing things like does helped me realize how much he cared about his...

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