Research Paper About Canteen




This chapter deals with the review of related literature and studies, theconceptual model of the study, the research hypothesis, and the definition of terms used in the study.

Review of Related Literature and Studie

To intensify the knowledge and clarity the perception of the problems, anumber of books and periodicals were read to gather insights which were usedby the researcher in conceptualizing this study. Those which have been foundrelevant are hereby presented.

Related Literature!

 The school canteen follows guidelines on operationalmanagement set by the Department of Education Through DepEd Order No, , s.!""#, the $evised %mplementing &uidelines and 'anagement of schoolcanteens %n (ublic Elementary and )econdary level. These guidelines arehereby issued in order to rationalize the operation and management of schoolcanteens in the public elementary system and to ensure that the school canteensshall help eliminate malnutrition among pupils*students and that the schoolcanteens shall serve as a laboratory for home economics retails trade in theincidental teaching of health and nutrition. %t shall provide hands+on+training for pupils on planning, purchasing, handling and storage, preparation, serving andsale of safe and nutritious meals. The school canteen guidelines shall serve as amechanism to support the departments response to the mandate of -rticle ! of $epublic -ct No. /0 to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the growth


In addition to remaining in a fixed location, a canteen can also be mobile. Mobile canteens areused to provide food quickly to disaster workers and other temporary work crews, along withmembers of the military who are deployed on active duty. Organizations which use mobilecanteens may run the canteen out of a series of trailers, or have large trucks packed withcanteen equipment, tables, and tents for shelter so that an eating facility can be quickly erectedwherever it might be needed.Meaning by oxford dictionary-chiefly British a restaurant provided by an organization such asacollege, factory, or company for its students or staff.A




is a type of food service location in which there is little or nowaitingstaff table service, whether arestaurantor within an institution such as a large office buildingorschool;a school dining location is also referred to as a

dining hall



(inUK English).Cafeterias are different fromcoffeehouses,although that is the Spanish meaning of the Englishword.Instead of table service, there are food-serving counters/stalls, either in a line or allowingarbitrary walking paths. Customers take the food they require as they walk along, placing it onatray.In addition, there are often stations where customers order food and wait while it isprepared, particularly for items such ashamburgersortacoswhich must be served hot and canbe quickly prepared. Alternatively, the patron is given a number and the item is brought to theirtable. Sometimes, for some food items and drinks, customers collect an empty container, pay atthe check-out, and fill the container after the check-out. Free second servings are often allowedunder this system. For legal purposes (and the consumption patterns of customers), this systemis rarely or never used foralcoholic beverages.Customers are either charged a flat rate for admission (as in abuffet), or pay at the out for eachitem. Some self-service cafeterias charge by the weight of items on a patron's plate.As cafeterias require few employees, they are often found within a larger institution, cateringto the clientele of that institution. For example,schools,collegesand their halls,department,hospitals,museums,military bases,prisons,and office buildings often havecafeterias.

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